Kamakhya temple,The tantric goddesses

Kamakhya temple,The tantric goddesses

The Kamakhya temple is dedicated to the tantric goddesses. Apart from the deity Kamakhya Devi, compound of the temple houses 10 other avatars of Kali namely Dhumavati, Matangi, Bagola, Tara, Kamala, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Bhuvaneshwari and Tripuara Sundari.One of the total 51 shakti peeths-Kamakhya is situated a top neelanchal hill.


Mythological background:-

This temple was destroyed in early 16th century and then rebuilt in the 17th century by king Nara Narayana of Cooch Bihar. Legend Sati married Lord Shiva against the wish of her father, King Daksha. Once king Daksha was having a yagna, but he didn’t invite Sati and Shiva. Sati was very upset, but she still went to her father’s palace. When she reached there, her father insulted her and Shiva. Sati was unable to bear this disrespect for her husband Shiva, so she jumped in the yagna fire and killed herself.

When Lord Shiva came to know about this, he got very angry. Enraged Shiva wondered while holding the dead body of Sati in his arms. He started the dance of destruction of the universe. Lord Vishu in order to save the universe, cut the body of Sati into pieces with his Sudarshan chakra. Body parts of Sati fell at different places and these places are known as shakti peeths.

We visited this place during 2014 Puja. After 2010 I went there for the second time in my life. It’s on the hill & one needs to travel around 3km uphill from the main road.


It is Situated on the Nilachal Hill in western part of Guwahati city. If you have short time then you can take tickets.There are tickets of 100/- & 500/. Panda of the temple was well known to us so visiting temple & givinng puja  was easily done by us.After washing hands at Soubhagya Kundu everyone starts their Puja.




Though we had to do it from outside because of a long line.This is a very old temple.Even now also they sacrifice animals to worship.There are many saints outside the temple Inside of the temple is huge & dark too.


Kamakhya temple is one of the most revered place of Hindus and a must for them if they are visiting Guwahati.

Tour plan of Meghalaya and Assam :
Date – 14/10/2010
Tour Members : 10
Hotel Information :- Hotel Dreamland. AM Rd, Manipuri Rajbari, Ulubari, Guwahati, Assam 781008. M: +91-8474055365 Lots of hotels available in Guwahati.
Tour plan :
Day 1 : Kolkata to Guwahati.
Day 2 : Guwahati to Shilong.
Day 3 : Shilong sight scene, Mawlynnong.
Day 4 : Shilong local sight scene.
Day 5 : Shilong to Guwahati..Guwahati sightscene.
Day 6 : Guwahati to kolkata.

Some more info :

Notes : Photography prohibited inside the temple. Take time to visit the place.At least 2 hours
Carry list :- Money without purse.

Umananda Temple, Assam tour guide.

Now its Your turn, what is your travel experiences on this place?

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