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Time travel into the bygone era of Siraj ud-Daulah

Many a time our tour destination gets change. Somewhat like this we planned to go for Darjeeling and we changed our destination to Murshudabad. The forgotten capital of Bengal.During the Puja time 2017 we planned to go to Mursidabad tour and started traveling. Since this was a short trip. But still it was a good outing.

Our 1st destination was Kathgola garden :-

Kathgola Garden :-
Its a Very beautiful palace garden. The entrance to the building is through a beautiful lawn. Here is small zoo where there r different types of birds and rabbit r also there. Full of memorabilia and artifacts of the lost times and antiques. To cover that whole area we almost took 1hr to complete. The building compound is beautiful. There is a pool attached to the palace where royal ladies used to take bath, over all the place is very charming.

The bird’s house is just awesome and has definitely rare birds with different colors which are rarest of rare.
after visiting this place we are going to the next place.



House of Jagat Seth :
The Jagat Seths were a rich business and Money lender family in Murshidabad during Sirajdulah reign. He came from a rich Jain Marwari business family in Murshidabad. A little away from Hazarduari place is the house of Jagat Seth now converted to a museum. Here there is a secret tunnel, different types of coins which are old, collections are made and kept in this house. There was ta temple where in morning and evening prayers are made and worshiped with ‘arati’.


Nashipur Rajbari :
Then from there we went Nashipur Rajbari. Not too much distance only 5min, it is of too old, We understood that by seeing. From guide we came to know about the local history. It’s a historical place.


Histroy :
The Nashipur Rajbari here, was the court of Debi Singha who is historically renowned for being the tax collector under the British. He arrived from Panipat for the purpose of trading. It is said that he is known for being a strict Tax collector. He would severely punish those who failed to pay taxes on time to him. After a trial, he succeeded in getting an appointment in the Revenue Department under Dewan Reza Khan. Gradually, he was able to exert his influence among the people of East India Company and became head of that department. Debi Singha was also the founder of the Nashipur Raj Family.

Nashipur Akhra :
After few miles is Nashipur Akhra here in 1750 there wrestling match used to held. There is 1 temple, which is small . They still perform Jhulan Yatra and the rope of Rath is still pulled during Rath occasions. Here during Jhulan different religious people celebrate their own. There r many old utensils and cars.




Tomb of Azimunnisa Begum :
Different types er story are heard. But this place doesn’t makes any sense as the name suggests. Because it’s surrounded by beautiful garden.


Histroy :
People believe that she used to eat the hearts of children in order to get cured from a disease. When her husband Suja Khan came to know about it he buried her alive at this place. However some scholars totally disagree from this story stating that Azimunnisa Begum was just sent away from Murshidabad as a punishment and later on when she died she was buried here..

Next to moved to a place known as Jahan kosha Cannon. Here there is a big cannon, from where we can understand easily that how old Bengal was one step ahead advance in technology..



The cannon is more than 7 tons in weight. It is 17 feet and 6 inches in length and 3 feet in width. It has a girth of 5 feet at the touch hole end. The circumference of its mouth is more than one foot. The radius of the touch hole is one and a half inches. In order to fire this cannon once, 17 kilograms of gunpowder was needed. The bore is approximately 6 inches.

The cannon was made in 1637 by Janardan Karmakar, a blacksmith and gunsmith, under the instructions of Daroga Shree Mohammad and under the supervision of Hara Ballav Das. The cannon was named in Dacca, when Shah Jahan was the Mughal emperor, at the instance of Islam Khan, who was the Subedar of Bengal. This is confirmed by an inscription engraved on it. However, the cannon has several other names like the “Great Gun”, the “Destroyer of the world”, the “Conqueror of the universe”, the “World Subduer” and so on.

The cannon is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Our next destination is Katra Mosque.

Katra Mosque :
This historical mosque was built during 1723-1725 A.D by Nawbab Murshidkuli Khan..


When we visited Mursidabad that time the whether was too hot and for that reason we were not able to visit some other places due to extreme weather we were not feeling well. We recorded a video of 360 degree in Katra Mosque.. It covers a huge place..

You can view our video also Katra Masjid | West Bengal | | Exploretours | My Family Travels

Intersting facts :
Nawbab Murshidkuli Khan was born as a Hindu Brahmin but later he took the belief of Islam ..and he was buried just below the stair to the entrance of the Mosque
It was heard that the Masjid was built in the design of Kaba Masjid of Mecca. The compound of Katra masjid has a beautiful garden and designed well. Best for photographers. If u come here u ll come across to many history. In the ground of Katra Masjid people of around 1000 can Come and pray. The place is such big.



Hazarduari :
The main attraction of Mursidabad is Hazarduari. If you visit mursidabad u should visit Hazarduari. Unless u visit that place the tour of Murshidabad will be incomplete. That place was very to our hotel.
There was a huge queue of ticket line since we went during Puja time. Inside of it there strict prohibition of clicking photo graphs and so we didn’t took.

The palace has 1000 doors, of which 100 are false, and a total of 114 rooms. The palace has now been transformed into a museum which houses collections from the Nawabs like priceless paintings, furniture, antiques and so on. The famous one is the mirror and the chandelier. In 1985, the palace was handed over to the Archaeological Survey of India for better preservation. The Hazarduari Palace Museum is regarded as the biggest site museum of Archaeological Survey of India and has got 20 displayed galleries containing 4742 antiquities out of which 1034 has been displayed for the public. The antiquities include various weapons, oil paintings of Dutch, French and Italian artists, marble statues, metal objects, porcelain and stucco statues, rare books, old maps, manuscripts, land revenue records, palanquins mostly belonging to eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a bamboo from Assam and so on.

You can view our video also Hazar Duari | West Bengal | | Exploretours | My Family Travels

Museum galleries :
Musuem gallery is divided into total 19. Just for our reader we gave our room details .
In the Hazarduari palace the size of window and door seems to be like old Bengal Histroy. If you roam in the museum it will take minimum 2hr time. So as for my suggestion after lunch you should visit that museum.

Opening timings for Hazarduari palace and museum
All days of the week except Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Imambara : Opposite side for Big bold and beautiful
Hazarduari has Imambara, so I should say from the first that only for Maharam festival these gate of Imambara opens and for rest days it is closed And since we went during Maharam time so we got the chance to get inside.

It is a huge Imambara, thats a holy shrine for the Shia muslim community. You need a good mobile phone with panoramic view to get a full snap of the monument. Its beautiful.


A huge lawn separates the Imambara from the Hazarduari palace.It is known to be the largest Imambara in our country.

Facts :
The Nizamat Imambara is a Shia Muslim congregation hall in Murshidabad, India. The present Nizamat Imambara was built in 1847 AD by Nawab Mansur Ali Khan. It was built after the old Imambara built by Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah was destroyed by the fires of 1842 and 1846. This Imambara is the largest one in India and Bengal.

We went during Puja time but the whether was too hot and sunny. After we came from Hazarduari and Imambara the sky became cloudy. Hazarduari yellowish building with the colud in the sky is one of the best combination for picture lovers..

And here We end up our Murshidabad trip Day 1.

Tour Summary :
Date – 27/09/2018-30/09/2018
Tour Members : 3
Kolkata to Mursidabad 3 nights and 4 days Tour plan :
Day 1 : Kolkata to Mursidabad By train.
Day 2 : Mursidabad Local Sight scene, Including Hazar duari.
Day 3 : Mursidabad Local sight scene.
Day 4: Back to kolkata.
Some more info :
Hotel Information : Friend Hotel
Address: Hazarduari Museum Rd, Hazarduari, Murshidabad, West Bengal 742149

Tips :- You should stay in front of Hazarduari for better locations. Always 1st half of the sight scene in Murshudabad except Hazarduari is good to travel. Because you cannot cover the whole area..

You can also vie Mursidabad Tour map from here. Click here.

You can also visit our full album : Click here.

Now its Your turn, what is your travel experiences on this place?

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