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Get lost in the serene green hills of Pachmarhi

Panchmari the hidden beauty of Madyapradesh
Panchmari is a hill station, It is widely known as Satpura Ki Rani (“Queen of Satpura”)
We visited that place in Durga Puja, 2015. This is the important part of this tour. Though this place is small hill station yet there are so many places to visit and we had also written a blog on Bee Falls.


Today I tell the other places of Panchmari.
So we started our journey with a mythological place.

Pandava caves:
These caves are believed to provide shelter to the Pandavas during their exile period. This is the famous tourist spot of Madyapradesh. From the top of this place the view is beautiful but this top view place is not for old age people. There are mainly 5 caves situated and this place has significant for Buddhist monk because they are also used to live in that place.


When one can see that place 1st time, this place is look like Udaygiri and Khandagiri in Orissa.
There has a beautiful garden in front of Pandav caves. From the top of the cave one can see the whole garden and its look beautiful.


After Pandav cave we visited ‘Jata Shankar’ Place.

Mythological History:
In This place the Lord Shiva concealed himself from the wrath of Bhasmasur. The cave is so dark and there has a narrow stairs to reach that place. The path is lined with interesting stalls; selling herbal remedies from the hills. One needs to stand in few inches water to worship of Lord Shiva. This cave is situated in the middle of two big caves. Not ideal for elderly people but THE GOD has some supernatural power. One must go on that place. Natural & physical beauties attract you.


Nature’s Mystery :
There is water breach from the cave about which no one has an idea about the source of the water and it is popularly known as ‘Gupt Ganga’.

The Holy One

There is a stone floating in water and an Om shaped tree is also worth seeing. There is also a Hanuman Mandirenroute which can also be visited during return from journey.
This place is not suitable for old age people.

Our next destination is Bee Falls. We had already discussed about that falls. There are two part of that falls and the view of the 2nd part is quite lovely but please avoids that place with old age people. The Bee Falls is best attraction of Panchmari, though is place not a huge place but the place is alluring for all. It’s a natural massage place if one can take bath in that place.

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Our next destination is Reechgarh. Reechgarh is the beautiful combination of caves and forest. The beauty of the place is increased due to this combination and the huge gigantic rocks are played an important role to enhance the beauty of that place. All the nature lovers are loved that place and the way is very exciting and thrilling. Apart from the nature there is nothing to see in that place.
Unique formation between two mountains…


Note: The car is not reached on that place so one has to leave the car and by foot they can reached that place.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

– Helen Keller

Why the name is Reechgarh?

Our guide told us local tribes having seen a bear (Reenchh) in the area and hence the place is known by that name too.The area is surrounded by uninhabited forest and offers a reasonably good view of forest. I found myself in heart of nature.
From Reechgarh we visited to Dhoopgarh and this place is beautiful than Reechgarh.

At the time of sunset we reached that place that’s why the place looks like charming for use.

The DhupgarhPeak (4,429 feet [1,350 metres]), near Pachmarhi in south-central Madhya Pradesh, is the state’s highest point. Northwest of the Vindhya Range is the Malwa Plateau (1,650 to 2,000 feet [500 to 600 metres]


The whole thing is there are two points at Dhupgarh, one is called sunrise point and another is called sunset point. The place is little distance from Pachmarhi town and the motor able road is good and there are photogenic spots.


Dhupgarh is a unique spot because one can enjoy on that place. One can see the wide deep valleys, high cliffs and enjoy the fresh air. One can observe the sun rise or sun set as per ones visit timings. This place is lonely to feel inner voice. One can wind up one stay in less than an hour and an hour excluding for journey time. Carry your own Water bottle and snacks. This is a Place on tourist itinerary of all travel advisers and is a worthy acceptable destination for visiting once.

We stayed on that place about 45 minutes and in my life I visited different type of sunset points, but Dhupghar sunset point is best sunset point. From that place we reached our hotels our day1 journey was finished.

NOTE: There is less number of hotels on that place so after visited some spots we have to come to our hotel for lunch after that one can started 2nd phase of one sight scene.


This place is not so huge; still there are so many spots to cover. So this place has to take minimum 2 days to cover all the spots. Panchmari is quite a beautiful place so before started 2nd day tour I can tell some history of that place.


The name Pachmarhi is believed to be derived from the Hindi words Panch (“five”) and Marhi (“caves”). According to a legend, these caves were built by five Pandava brothers of Mahabharatha era during their thirteen years of exile. The caves are situated on a hilltop and provide an excellent vantage point.

At the time of the British arrival, the Pachmarhi region came under the kingdom of the Gond king Bhawut Singh, although it was not a populated village or town at that time. Captain James Forsyth of the British Army along with Subhedar Major NathooRamjiPowar who was later made the Kotwal (Incharge of the armoury (Koth) of Pachmarhi, spotted the plateau in the Pachmarhi region in 1857, while leading his troops on the way to Jhansi. It quickly developed into hill station and sanatorium for British troops in the Central Provinces of India.

On day 2 we started our journey from Handikhop. The place is attached to the road, so one doesn’t have to walk a long way. The place is the most beautiful scenic place which leaves one mesmerised. If you are a nature lover, this place will leave you spell bound. HandiKhoh is a view point. One can see the valley and its depth. It’s a beautiful view from that place.



Activities: You can also enjoy Horse ride here. We stayed here almost 45 minutes. Our next destination was Gupta Mahadev Shiv Mandir.

Gupta Mahadev Shiv Mandir:

After step down from the car we walk about 5 minutes to reach that temple. GuptMahadev is a 40 feet long cave, in which idols of Lord Ganesha and Shiva lingam have been enshrined. The path that leads to GuptMahadev cave goes from inside the Bade Mahadev. This narrow path can be passed only by eight people at a time. At the entrance of the cave, an idol of Lord Hanuman has been enshrined.


As we visited that place on Puja so the place was over crowded. The entry place of that cave is so narrow so be careful. In the cave the photography is prohibited but we took photograph of outside of that cave. Our next destination was Bada Mahadev.

Bada Mahadev:

This is also a cave and the worship of lord Shiva done in that temple. The entry point is not so much narrow compare to other the caves. This cave is so dark and photography also prohibited on that cave.

There is a small pond inside the cave where devotees and Sadhus take a dip during Nagpanchami and MahaShivratri. The cave of Goddess Parvati is situated nearby.


After came out from that cave we observed a different thing. We saw some feet away from that place there has a temple which have large numbers, heaving up massive Trishuls as offerings which are kept in front of the temple. When we came closed to the temple we saw the temple name is KalVariav temple. We spent about 10 minutes on that place.

Then our next destination was Hanuman Temple.
There is a big Hanuman temple also in the premises and there is a floating stone brought from Kanyakumari – talk of miracles. The mythological belief is that Lord Vishnu, in the form of Mohini killed the Asura king Bhasmasur here.

Then we visited another view point name is “Rajendra giri”.

This hilltop was named as Panorama girl in honor of the visit of Dr. Rajendra Prasad. A Sapling he planted there is now a grown tree. Clearly visible from here are the hill of satpura range in their inviting gesture. Ravishankar Bhawan here was constructed for the comfortable stay of Dr. Rajendra Prasad. It is also called VIP Bhawan.


We stayed at Panchmari about 2 days. After came back from Panchmari We visited Pench National Forest, through that place we reached Nagpur. From Nagpur we board our flight and came back to Kolkata. All of Panchmari in Madyapradesh is one of the best hill stations for nature lovers, so one must visit this place.

Kolkata to Jabbalpur and Panchmari 6 nights and 7 days tour plan :

Date – 19/10/2015 – 25/10/2015
Tour Members : 10
Hotel information :- Panchmari : Click here.
Madhya Pradesh Tour plan :
Day 1 : Night :- Howrah to Jabbalpur
Day 2 : Evening :- Reached Jabbalpur
Day 3 : Jabbalpur Sightscene..
Day 4 : Morning :- Jabbalpur to Pipariya by train Afternoon : Pipariya to Panchmari by car.
Day 5 : Sightscene in Panchmari..
Day 6 : Sightscene in Panchmari..
Day 7 : Panchmari to Nagpur. From Nagpur to Kolkata by flight.

Some more info :
Notes :- Tried to start your sight scene as early as possible.
Carry list :- Good Camera, Waterbottle.
Don’ts : For aged people please avoid the long stairs.

Panchmari Tour Map


Things to do in Pachmarhi :
Pachmarhi lies within Pachmarhi Bioreserve Preserve area, thus exotic wildlife species can sometimes be spotted in the town. It is a great spot for nature photography. You can go to Rajendragiri Sunset Point in the evening to have an amazing sunset view. Exploring the rich and rare flora and fauna of the town on a walking trail is an exciting option. Adventure seekers can take treks and camp in some of the untouched parts of Pachmarhi. There aren’t many shopping outlets in the city. However, the main bazaar offers some local merchandise like handicrafts, bamboo products, artefacts etc. that are worth checking out.

You can also visit our full album : Click here.

Now its Your turn, what is your travel experiences on this place?

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