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On search of hidden gems of Jhargram

After 1st day tour of Jhargram City we planned for next day trip Towards Belpahari. The hotel was just outstanding .Room was good. Dinning space was also there .Food was too good. Jhargram to Belpahari distance almost 37 km..As said earlier on winter Jhargram trip is best for its color.. The color of the is so nice that even i have not seen like colors in Bengal..



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“One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.”

-Henry Miller


So after breakfast we went towards Belpahari..just as we stepped outside the city we came across Sabitri temple..One of the historic place. Surrounding area was very good.Perhaps the only temple of goddess Savitri in West Bengal. The mandir ta almost 350 yr old.

Histroy :
Legend has it that Savitri Devi inspired Rajput warrior Sarveshwar Singh to remain back at Junglekhand. The stone idol of the Devi is being worshiped for several centuries.


Goddess Sabitri is the ancestral deity of the Malla Deb dynasty of Jhargram, she is worshipped in form of Durga. There is no specific idol kept in the temple but a stone believed to have divine embodiment of Goddess is worshipped here. There are many fables and myths regarding Goddess Sabitri and the temple among the local people. Goddess is worshipped strictly according to Puranas the ancient Hindu religious texts during the Durga Puja as Brahmins recite hymns from the scriptures from the Devi Mahatmyam (Chandi Path) for ten days from Mahalaya to Dashami followed by the Maha Aarti on Durga Ashtami the eighth day of this orthodox worship and the Ritual drummers(Dhakis) carrying large drums( dhaks) to show off their skills. The rituals of the Durga Puja are still organized and performed by the Royal Family of Jhargram.

In this temple per day puja start 10 am – 2 pm and 6pm-8 pm.
Almost 1 hour of continuous driving we came across Khandarani dam…road conditions was very good as said earlier. Effortless journey..there was village and Forest on both of the side of a single road. I didn’t expected that jhargram has such a beautiful road

Khndarani Dam:
experience the amazing breeze over the cool water and surrounding greenery this place many types of birds are seen. Although boating facility is not available but one can spend an hour walking and exploring around.The whole scenery of the place is very attractive..we stayed there for almost 1hr. Huge area, on side there was dam r on other side there was a deep forest..marvelous exp all over must visit its sightscene. We visited Purulia just one month before this trip. Nd hence both the dams are much acquainted to us..



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Garrasini Hill:

Next we went to our next destination that is Garrasini Hill. The religious program of the asram and such a beautiful environment always gives the visitors a Tapovan type ambience. A pathway upwards filled with only stones took visitors to the top in around 20-25 minutes. It was a wonderful place heading through the forest….but all over its a nice place in between forest..



Ghagra waterfalls:
Next we moved towards Ghagra waterfalls..the place was so nice and the color of the forest areas was so eye catching that we wondered that why we didn’t came here before. Traveller must visit Jhargram in winter season. Ghagra waterfall may be itself known as a big waterfall but it’s not such as big as we think..


Only the river currents against the rocky boulders. In Moonsoon the river water speed becomes so high..Its only 5 km from Belpahari..u can spent tym easily sitting on the river side.The gurgling streams of Ghagra lashing against the craggy rocks supply the visitors an uncommon experience of nature’s glory. The water falls might b small but for the tourists it’s always attractive..since we went in winter therefore the current in falls was so less but still very nice place..Must visit for all.

Terafani dam :

This barrage is definitely an vital place of providing drinking water to thousands of the people in the area. Tarafeni river receives its share of water mainly from Mukutmonipur Dam. Its beauty becomes all the more amazing when Barrage releases added water by way of the channels and the dancing and leaping currents of water leave one wondering at the marvels of nature… One portion of was under construction..So all over Jhargram is the best tour from Kolkata for weekend lovers…Must visit in winter guys..




Our trip could have ended in Terafani dam but our driver took us to a very nice place while returning and that was Chilkigarh Rajbari. But there is not so good hotel as like Jhargram palace. But from outside it seems that not so much people stays in that palace. Still till date Chilkigar palace is very famous.


That palace has a small shiv Temple. As a location this palace is 1.5km from Kanak Durga temple and Dulung river at other side. But after visiting this place, I felt that this is most historically richest place after Kanak Durga temple.


Tour Summary :
Date – 26/01/2018-28/01/2018
Tour Members : 3
Kolkata to Jhargram Tour plan :
Day 1 : Morning : Kolkata to Jhargram By train. After Breakfast,Local Sightscene (Jhargram) by car.
Day 2: Jhargram to Belpahari.
Day 3: Back to Kolkata.

Some more info :
Hotel Information : Eshani Guest House.
Address: Natundihi, (Near Local Board), Nutandihi, Jhargram Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal 721507
Phone: 097337 36372.
I love the food quality..Room is very clean and good.
Notes :- Please carry Voter Id card and Water bottle, Camera.

“Come Fall in love @Jhargram”

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Jhargram Map:

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Now its Your turn, what is your travel experiences on this place?

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