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Beautiful places to get lost at Daringbadi

Hope that you all have enjoyed our 1st day trip in Daringbadi tour plan.
Walk with us on Daringbari’s terrains

On the very start of our 2nd day trip we got to start with Pyne forest, both side of the road were surrounded by
lots of pyne trees which were rows.


It has an awesome view. We spend some ample amount of good time there..
I saw Pyne seed for the 1st time in life..

Next we stepped towards our 1st destination Dasingbadi falls.

Dasingbadi Falls:
Daringbadi fall is one of the best fall. People have to move more downwards from the main road. From the very first i want to advice to my friends who want to visit in future that please aged people do avoid this place. But the falls has an aw sum view..we went in summer time but the view of this fall is best in monsoon season.
The fall is surrounded by a dense forest. All over great view in Daringbadi with greeneries. There are many people who also visited. Still the fall is not so high.


After returning from Dasingbadi falls we straight went to coffee plantation. The most attraction of this place is the coffee garden. Actually tourists must visit this place. A vast area of coffee plants including some other spices and birds. Nice place to roam around and to get lost inside the garden. You can find fresh coffee beans and some huge tress scattered all over the garden.. Here u can see black pepper and coffee, in Odisha. I must say Nature lovers will love to spent more time here. The garden is full of green with oak, coffee and black pepper plants and many more. There is also entry fee but you’ll have to pay just couple of coins.

Inside the central Nursery Coffee garden, Daringbadi.

In the outskirts of Coffee garden there is a village for tribal peoples. After spending around 30min in the coffee garden we went to our next destination. Our next destination was emu farm.

Our next place was “Emu farm”..for the 1st time in life I visited such a farm of birds. I had ideas of Emu birds only up to Zoo .but here we saw farms of emu birds.
Emu bird safari.

In one farm there are 20-25 emu birds And hence I can say that was a amazing place and really I experienced a lot. The care takers said us about emu birds and about their eggs. For the 1st time i held emu bird’s egg. Its Weight almost 500 gm. Its quite big and green in color.

Emu Bird Facts :
1) Emu is very large bird. Females are slightly larger. Emu reaches between 5 and 6.5 feet in height. It can weigh up to 130 pounds.
2) Emu has long neck, sharp beak and small ears. Its body is covered with light-brown feathers. Each feather has a double shaft. Emu has small wings which provide stability during running.
3) Emu has two eyelids. One eyelid is used for blinking, while other prevents dust and sand to enter the eyes.
Emu has three toes on each foot. Their legs are strong and built for running. Also, they use legs for kicking the predators when faced with danger.
4) Emu requires water on a daily basis. During cold weather, they recycle air in the nasal passages for creating the moisture that can be used.
5) Unlike water, emu can survive long periods without food. It stores fat that is used as a source of energy when the food is scarce.
6) Emu is an omnivore (eats both plants and animals). It likes to eat caterpillars, large insects, small lizards, rodents, flowers, seed, buds and shoots.
7) Emu swallows small rocks and pebbles to facilitate grinding of food and accelerate digestion.
Source :

Emu is an Australian bird and now it is being farmed in different countries and also in India. They are very much resistant to diseases, which is the biggest plus point in farming a bird. In other farmings the chances of disease resistance is less.
Next after staying with emu birds for 30min we moved towards next destination.
Next place were we went in very romantic place Name is Lovers point.

Lover’s point?—?Small spring surrounded with natural beauty.

“This heart of mine was made to travel the world.”

– Supriya Kumar Mitra

As We went in summer time there was not full of water, but surrounding place is so beautiful and attractive by seeing the Surrounding place u can easily understand why the name has been given Daringbadi. We spend almost 1 hour. Just after crossing the water side We got to see the spring and the other side has rocks and jungle allover. All over its nice and too attractive place. Natural beauty is too mesmerizing.

Note: For the sight scene in Daringbadi, it will be easier to get a vehicle from hotel itself. As there are not so many car stand.

After visiting Lovers point we came to hotel for lunch. Then again after finishing lunch we went for sight scene.. . Now this time our destination is “Hill view park”.

This is also a park like those other parks in India, Huge area, Entry fee is only 5Rs. Inside the park there are so many things for the children to play for. There is a small view tower inside the park from where u can see Daringbadi in full 360 view.

You can view our video also HILL VIEW PARK | ODISHA | Exploretours | My Family Travels

As we went in summer time but in evening dusk time the whether became very sensual. Slight rain started. Almost 30min we stayed there. The view and the climate is Superb. Very nice place it is. May be it has artificial park but the total park is decorated very decently and beautifully which is beyond limit.

Must visit for all nature lovers..

Beside the Hill view park, the another park name is “Butterfly park”.
“Butterfly park”:
If you want fresh oxygen then this is an amazing place and apart from that u can enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s good to visit in winter as many different types of flower will be available. You can enjoy this place with your family or friends. Here children and visitors can enjoy a variety of colorful butterflies, beautiful flowers and statues of tribal peoples and animals. Small park with a rose garden and different flowering plants,there is also a nice artificial waterfall. Very good place for nature’s lovers.

We spend for almost 30min and then we departed from there Towards destination and that is Sunset point.

Sunset point is the last destination of our Daringbadi Trip. We saw the sunset from there. The enthusiasts to see the sunset from hilly areas is very nice. I just loved it and the feeling cannot come from any other place, many days back we saw sunset from Ghatshila, I recalled.

And here our Daringbadi trip came to an end journey.

3rd day :
By car we came straight Behrampur by road took almost 3 hours. Then again back to Kolkata from Behrampur. All over the Kashmir to Odisha trip is successful. Daringbadi is not a hot tourist destination yet. But it is growing steadily to become a popular spot in Odisha.
Must visit for weekend lovers.

It is a beauty of its own kind. You can cherish a wonderful moment- a moment when anything can happen, anything you can believe in.The virgin beauty of the land will touch your heart. This land of God is surrounded with natural beauties like dense rain forests, pine trees, coffee gardens, black pepper, turmeric gardens and majestic water-falls.

“Come, enjoy and feel the untouched beauty of nature and redefine yourself.”

Kolkata to Daringbadi 3 nights and 4 days tour plan :

Date – 29/03/2018-01/04/2018
Tour Members : 6
Daringbadi Tour :
Day 1 : Night : Train (Howrah to Beherampur)
Day 2: Beherampur to Daringbadi via Taptapani sightscene.
Day 3: Daringbadi Sightscene.
Day 4: Daringbadi to Beherampur. Afternoon : Train (Beherampur to Howrah)

Some more info :
Hotel Information : Hotel Utopia
Address: Address: Main Road, Daringbadi, Odisha 762104
Phone: 094377 81972
I love the food quality..Room is very clean and good.
Notes :- Try to book the hotel at least 6 months before the trip.

Daringbadi Tour Map


Things to do in Daringbadi :
Daringbadi is full of scenic beauty. From picnic to tribal village visiting, from hiking to bike riding, we will arrange several activities for you.

You can also visit our full album : Click here.

Now its Your turn, what is your travel experiences on this place?

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