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Let’s take a walk on these magnificent highlands of Purulia

We started a very slow journey at Purulia in next day morning. Eventually we had to cover a lot of places that day, so we already booked a car for that day and after completed our breakfast we started our Purulia sight scene.


Our first destination was ‘PakhiPahar’ or ‘MayurPahar’. If u want the sight scene of murugama u have to go outside early.

PAKHI PAHAR: When someone heard that name first time they might be confused, because the name of the hill is quite different. This had our first destination. PakhiPahar is the main attraction of Matha, carved out of a 1000 ft. high hill about 1 km away from Bhuchungdi crossing which is 3 km away from Matha on the way to Barabhum.


One can find the beautiful art of this hill. The art of this hill look like a bird flying with spread wings. One can find different type of bird nest in this forest. In morning one can find different type of Twittering in that place.
This project “Flight to Harmony” was initiated by the individual effort of Kolkata artist Chitta Dey 1992. This could be a additional point of interest with Ayodhya hills Purulia tour.


Then our next spot was Khairabera Dam. In Purulia one can find so many dams but this is one of the famous dams of that place. If one can enjoy the calm and clemency then one must visit this place to enjoy the lonely beauty.


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

– Helen Keller

The Most beautiful place in Purulia, surrounded by green forest and a huge lake and obviously small mountains. A government cottage is constructed in the lap of nature. Feel closer to Nature and just relax and prepare yourself for the upcoming weeks. As we came in winter so lots of family came in that place for picnic, still the place was calm.
Along the road lots of flowers are decorated and we had spent almost 20 minutes in that place. After that we again started our journey for our next destination.


Our nest destination was Charida Village. This village is famous for their artistic culture. This village is culturally rich place, snuggled at a corner of the culturally rich Purulia district, is the village of 300 skilled mask makers of the celebrated dance form of the region, Chau dance. It is an acrobatic martial art based dance form inscribed in UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. One can find lots of mask making shops in both side of the road. If one has interested in culture or photography then one has enjoyed that place. One can learn how to making this type of mask and know the culturally significance of this things. So this is the good place for spend a little time and know the culture of this place.


History: The tradition of making Chau masks started in Charida about 150 years back during the rule of King Madan Mohan Singh Deo of Baghmundi. The vibrant, colourful and elaborate masks convey the vigorous intent of the art form that portrays animals or characters from the epics.


A Rural Craft Hub has been developed at Charida by Government of West Bengal’s Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises & Textiles, in association with UNESCO. The famous artist Padmashree Gambhir Shing was birth place in the Charida village.

Note: In Purulia the restaurants are only find in Ajoyda Pahar, so kept some dry fruit in car is better for your journey.

After Chorida our journey to Ayodhya Hill was started. Our first spots were upper dam and lower dam.
“Mixture of silence and beauty”
Though this headline and our experience were not same because we came that place in winter so there was a huge rush in that place. Those dams were similar to other dams and the water flowed from the upper dam to lower dam and creates hydroelectricity. A huge hydroelectricity plant is also there and it is the main Purulia power plant and it’s an important Purulia pump storage project.


There were some awesome top viewpoints from those dams which were excellent. It is an unexplored place for nature lover. Those who are do not see the dam then this place is ideal for them. We had already seen the dams so we leave that place and went for our next destination.


Our next destinations were Bamni Falls and Turga Falls. One has to walk to reach that place. The road is narrow and that time we didn’t had enough time so didn’t visit that place.But those falls are also beautiful and if one has enough time the one has defiantly visit that place but not recommended for old aged people because one have satires approx. 800 stirs.

After that our car was going to the top of Ayodhya Hill. As the time went on, the green view of the forest was increasing time by time. The Journey and the destination both are excellent. This is getting huge popularity nowadays. One can do trekking, rock climbing, mountain cycling and similar adventure sports. The tent facilities are also available on the upper hill of Ayodhya. It’s a hill region with good forest cover. Almost 1 hour later we reached top of the Ayodhya hill. Here one can find some restaurants on that place.

NOTE: If one has to cover all the places of Purulia in one day then one cannot loss much time in a particular because one has to cover long distance to reached another place.

After completed our lunch we came down from the hill and our next destination was Muruguma.

“Muruguma”- another gem of nature of Purulia.
We came across different tribal villages and hills, and reached Muruguma. This place was surrounded by 3 hills. We walked a long way through the road on the dam. The chirping of bird makes this hilly forest charming. A dam has been constructed of MurgumaRiver and a water reservoir also has been developed.




How was Muruguma?
The beauty of this place cannot be described. One has to come in that place to enjoy the beauty of this place. This is pleasant place for nature lover. In one word this is amazing place. This place is calm, noise and pollution free.

Marble Lake: Beside the Muruguma the marble lake is located. This lake is similar to Marble rock of Jabbalpur.
This place may have been Lake before the dam was constructed. But after that dam only marbles were found in that lake. The water spots are still founded on these rocks.



Our next destination was Begunkodor village. We didn’t know the name of the place but our driver told the name. This is a horror place of West Bengal but we couldn’t find that kind of horror incident but the place was so lonely. On the way to came back our hotel we visited that village.

I provided the story of Begunkodar’s horror incident of this place for our reader.


You can view our video also BEGUNKODOR | PURULIYA | Exploretours | My Family Travels

The story of the haunted railway station.
However, the ill-fated station ran into unforeseen troubles just 7 years later. According to the villagers, in 1967, a railway employee reported the sighting of a woman’s ghost, and it was rumored that she had died in a railway accident. The next day he told people about it and they ignored him. The real trouble started when the dead bodies of the station master and his family were found in their quarters. The station was subsequently closed as railway trains stopped making halts here.

As we had organized lots of family tour but that was the first time when we visited a horror place. We completed our 2nd day sight scene at 7 pm and came back our hotel. As a weekend tour Purulia is ideal and winter is ideal time to visit. Purulia is famous for its cultures, folk art, Chou dance and full of natures with red soil. It’s a lovely place for staying 2-3 days and don’t miss “Marble Lake” and “Khairabera dam”.

Tour Summary : :
Date – 23/12/2018-26/12/2018
Tour Members : 3
Kolkata to Puruliya 3 nights and 4 days Tour plan :
Day 1 : Kolkata to Purulia by train.
Day 2 : Explore the Purulia city.
Day 3 : Puruliya Sightscene.
Day 4 : Puruliya to Howrah by train.

Some more info :
Hotel Information : Hotel Puskpak.
Address: Old Manbazar Road, Bhagabandh Para, Near Santamayee Girls High School, Purulia, West Bengal 723103
Phone: 03252 222 080
Notes :- Please carry Voter ID card and dry fruits.
Shopping – Charida village is the main and prime attraction of shopping. We bought 2 masks from there. Souvenir starts from Rs 15 only and all are the so famous special handmade products in India.
Things to Do and Don’ts :-
1. Explore the Ajodhya Hills.
2. Trekking.
3. Watch Tribal Dance.
4. Learn to make stunning, theatrical masks for your home from Charida village artist.
5. Visit the Haunted village Begunkodor.
Do not mess the Hill with plastic bags.

You can also visit our full album : Click here.

Now its Your turn, what is your travel experiences on this place?

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