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Excursion by the Blue Sea

One of the famous destinations of West Bengal is Digha sea beach. If some Bengali family organised some short there first preference is Digha. This is the beautiful sea beach of West Bengal. Even I had also visited that place almost 4 time and today I talk about my first experience of Digha.
After our Murshidabad tour in puja, 2017 we suddenly planed for Digha.
28th October in the morning we started our journey by Tramolipto train and we reached Digha at 10 am. We booked our hotel in Old Digha. For a long time ago in 2004 I went Digha and after 13 years later we had been visit Digha. Sometime ago I saw some pics of Old Digha but after reaching Old Digha, I saw that the place is totally change and its looks like so beautiful.

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

The sea beach of Old Digha is front of our hotel, so after reached our hotel we had completed our lunch and then went some places for sight scenes. At first we visited some place of orisha board.
Our first destination was Digha Marine aquarium.

Digha aquarium
The Marine Aquarium is a must visit place in Digha. This is the largest aquarium and marine research center in India. The main attraction is a skeleton of a whale. A house full of different types of marine fishes, crabs, snakes, snails shrimps. There are different types of coral you can watch. Tuesday is close and no entry fee. A comprehensive view of the sea fishes and animals..

digha beach

Covering some distance after crossing orisha board we saw that beach. This is very clean and clam beach of Digha. It is look like a beautiful wallpaper of sea beach. We spent some quality time in that place. Near this beach some hotels and guest houses are there, so if someone is willing to stay in that place.
digha beach
This is one of the famous Shiv temples in Old Digha. This temple is very old. This was built like Kalinga time. Many people came to visit this temple to fulfil their wishes. This temple is 5 km away from orisha.

digha beach
This is also a very nice beach. This beach is located just at the Bengal and Orissa border. Bike rent is available in that place. The sunset is very romantic at the beach. People drink coconut waters, as the coconuts or dubs are very fresh over there. There are so many hotels available in this place. One can set there and eat fish fry, crabs, prawn, pomfret fish. These types of food stalls are available in that place. This place is also a nice place.
Apart from these, there is also a marine aquarium where one can see different type of sea fishes in that place.

You can view our video also Udaypur Sea Beach | Digha | West Bengal | Exploretours | My Family Travels

digha beach

digha beach
Another attraction is the science city developed by the National Council of Science Museum..A Jurassic Park has also been developed in the same premises. Except for Kalipuja and holidays, it is open from 8.00 am to 18.00 pm on all 365 days. Very informative and interesting place to visit. The place is big enough and you need to have some time to explore and enjoy all the things..
Iskcon Mandir Digha
Iskon Mandir is located in the bypass road. It is still developing. You get Prasad from here.
Sandha aarati – 6:00pm..
At the time of journey from Chndaneswar to Udaypur beach one can see this temple.

digha beach

OLD DIGHA: Old Destination – Fresh Makeover

Now our Government change this place so much and its look like beautiful and also the sea beach of this placeso much well decorated and well maintained. In Digha ‘Biswa Bangla Park’ built for entertainment purpose. One can spend a lot of time in that place.

digha beach

digha beach

There have so many food stall and one can gathered that place and hangout so many time. We had also saw sunset in this place and the atmosphere of that in awesome.

digha beach

Mohona is the best place to see the sunrise. Next day Early morning this look like exquisite place and so many boats are came back after catching fish, so here you can avail to see variety of fishes.

digha beach

digha beach

digha beach

2nd day we had also spend our time in Old Digha.

That time we had been in Digha, that think no one know in my family but suddenly we met my cousin sister and we spent some quality time in Digha. Outside of Kolkata if suddenly one met their family member the feeling is pleasant for everyone. All over our experience is good.

digha beach

Digha Tour Map


Tour Summary :
Date – 28/10/2017-30/10/2017
Tour Members : 3
Kolkata To Digha Tour plan :
Day 1 : Kolkata to Digha By train.
Day 2: Stayed in Digha, Sightscene.
Day 3: Back to Kolkata.

Some more info :
Hotel Information : Hotel Dolphin (
Notes :- Please carry umbrella and water bottle.
Shopping – The beach side market is a must visit place for small trinkets or show pieces made out of seashells..Handmade seashell product is available just start from 10Rs
Things to Do
1. Explore the Beaches.
2. Water sports
3. Visit fast food stall near beach.
4. Play hide & seek with red crabs at Tajpur Beach
5. Visit Temple, like Chandaneswar, Iskon Temple.
Things to Don’t
Do not mess the beach
Food : If you want to enjoy fresh plates of seafood and local sweet water fish, you have to visit Nehru market otherwise go to Mohana or Udaypur.

The hotel and the bus booking are available on online. People feel refreshing by the smell of the nature, so at the end we say that Digha is the most preferable holiday destination for every Bengali.

You can also visit our full album : Click here.

Now its Your turn, what is your travel experiences on this place?

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