Fall in love with India's best waterfalls

Fall in love with India’s best waterfalls

We visited Jang Falls in October 2010. For me, it was a trip to remember. The nearer we were getting, the clearer was the sound of the waterfall. When very near to it, we could almost feel the wind burdened with water droplets.


The road was bumpy, so as you get near to the waterfall, leave your car and walk towards it. Its height is 300 ft, the scenic beauty around it was breathtaking. What amazed me was the fact that despite being one of the most spectacular waterfalls in this part of the country, Jang Falls is so underrated.



In case you don’t know, some songs from the 1997 Bollywood movie “Koyla” were shot around the waterfall. There’s a hydro power plant in the area below to produce electricity from the water. Its generation capacity is six Megawatts.



Nature at its best :-
The waterfall is really big. I’ve seen a lot of them, but this one was the biggest. The weather was pleasant and so was the atmosphere around. We stayed there for more than an hour, and enjoyed each single moment. Just as the height was colossal, so was the volume of the water, the gusts were very powerful.


“You don’t have to be rich to travel well.”

– – Eugene Fodor


For us, it was impossible to determine the water volume. The only thing that I can tell you is just as you get near to it, its gigantic visage will make your senses numb. We could feel the water spray in the air from meters away. I advise you to visit Jang Falls on your way back from Tawang because drivers are mostly in rush and more often than not, skip this exotic place. From Tawang, the place is almost 2.5 hours journey.


We returned with buckets of pleasant memories. Years slipped by but I still can’t forget the sight of the transparent water blasting on the rocks at the bottom. Its origin is the Sela Pass area and its finishes its journey at the Tawang river. Visit Jang Falls and discover this amazing journey yourself.


Tour Summary :

Kolkata to Arunachal Pradesh 10 nighs and 11 days plan.

Date – 14/10/2010- 25/10/2010
Tour Members : 10
Tour plan :
Day 1 : Howarh : Night Train to Guhawati
Day 2 : Reached Guhawati, Tejpur to Guhawati by car
Day 3 : Guhawati to Bomdila
Day 4 : Bomdila to Tawang
Day 5 : Tawang Sight scene
Day 6 : Tawang sight scene
Day 7 : Tawang to Bomdila
Day 8 : Bomdila to Tejpur
Day 9 : Tezpur to Guhawati, Guhawati sight scene Kamakhya temple and Umanand.
Day10 : Guhawati to Kolkata
Day11 : Reached Howrah.

Some more info :
Hotels information :
Hotels information : Guwahati : Mayrui. Address: Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati, Assam 781008 Phone: 076700 02100. Lots of hotel available in Guwahati.
Tejpur : Hotel Santinikatan. C.K Das Road- , Tezpur 784001 , India Tezpur Assam
Bomdila : Hotel Bomdila. However you can visit this page for more information.
Tawang : Hotel Samdropeling
Notes :- Only Good camera
Shopping – Nothing to buy.
Do and Don’ts :- Try to maintain greenery of the place. Take some time to visit the place

Now its Your turn, what is your travel experiences on this place?

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