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Walk with us on Daringbadi’s terrains

In India if some hill station is beautiful then we always compares that place with Kashmir. Although I had also visited Kashmir that’s why today I tell you a different place of India which as beautiful as Kashmir and the name of the place is Daringbadi. This place is located in Odisha. Daringbadi – The Kashmir of Odisha.

Several times we had attempted to visit that place but due to some reasons we didn’t organize that. In that place there are only two hotels, if one visits that place then one must books hotel minimum 6 month ago, otherwise hotel is not available.

First we had reached Berhampur from Howrah by train. We had already booked our hotel so at station our car was ready for pickup our team. We had had our breakfast because we know that we took almost whole day to reach our hotel.


Our route was slightly different; we would not visit Daringbadi at first. At the stating of our journey we visited Taptapni. The journey on the rolling green hills, jungles washed by rains and clouds tucked within the distant hills – there is Taptapani located amidst the forests of Ganjam District of Orissa. Taptapani is mainly known for its natural hot sulphur springs whose water is considered to have medicinal properties. There are mainly two spots are famous 1. Taptapni deer park 2. Taptapni temple and hot spring.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

– Albert Einstein

It’s an awesome place. This place locates at Ganjam districts of Odisha. This place is not a big place but this is quite a beautiful and well maintain park. We spent some quality time in that place.



There is also a temple located but that temple is famous for hot spring and this Hot Spring water is used for medical propose. Taptapani is 56 kilometres away from Berhampur. The hot water from the natural spring of Taptapani’s attributed with medicinal properties and can be bathed in at the pond created next to the hot spring. The temple of that place is very famous and we hangout sometime in the temple.


Our next destination was Jirang monastery, the famous monastery of Odisha. The hilly area is covered with a dense forest. On the mountain lap this beautiful monastery is located. This monastery represents the Tibetan culture of Odisha.



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Tibet was a sovereign country until Chinese occupied the provision in 1959, which made lakhs of tibetans to find a shelter. It also included some political heads and spiritual monks and leaders to seek a temporary house. The refugees from Tibet traveled to India for help. With the help of local governing bodies, they setup a camp at Odisha’s Ganapati district, at Chandragiri village. Jiranglater it called. The major religion of Tibetans is Buddhism. Dalai Lama erected a Buddhist Monastery for monks in 2008.


This monastery has been surrounded by the Tibetans Flags and that’s look so organized manner. We spent a little time in that place and then we entered the main monastery.

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As we entered the Monastery complex, We saw small houses where Tibetan refugees had been living; there is also a beautiful garden at this complex.



The monastery is named as Padmasambhava Mahavira Monastery” The largest Buddhist Monastery in South Asia. The monastery is one of the most peaceful places in the world.Around 200 monks reside here. Morning 8 and evening 4 they are scheduled for the prayers and learning of Buddha’s teachings. To see this beautiful monastery no one can say the place is located at Odisha. We could not enter the main monastery of that monastery because the entry time is 11 am to 2 pm. In spite of this, the decoration and the architecture of this monastery are beautiful.



After Jhirang Monastery again we started our journey towards Daringbadi. On the way to the Daringbadi we again visited water falls name Khasada water falls. That time the road to visit this river was not in good condition and sign boards to inform the distance and the direction are not placed anywhere so you have to ask local people about the road to visit the river.


Khasada water falls:
The waterfall is awesome and one can take some bath in that river but be careful. One can easily slip even inside the water. This place is best for picnic and the best time to visit that place is winter. Although the place was not well developing that time but those who are love adventure they can enjoy that place. The scenery of that place beautiful and here one can enjoy the real beauty of Mother Nature. The waterfall is located between three mountains and the water is crystal clear.

We again started our journey and our next stop was Harbhangi dam. This is very large dam and complete pollution free place. Harabhangi Dam is one of the multipurpose dam in Gajapati and Ganjam District, Southern Odisha. To access this dam can be possible Via Digapahandi, Taptapani, Mohana and Adava on SH-33 from Berhampur town.

The silence of the nature can observed here. No Sound pollution, no air pollution, no water pollution.


But This place is so underestimated that if it is developed properly then it will be a great tourist destination. This place is best suitable for those who love peace and nature because this area is surrounded by a vast forest.

You can view our video also Harbhangi dam | Odisha | Exploretours | My Family Travels


One can enjoy the silence of the nature. We stayed here almost 30 minute. This is must visit place if one can travel Daringbadi.

At last we arrived at 7 pm at Daringbadi.
NOTE: There are two ways to visit Daringbadi. 1. Beherampur to Daringbadi direct. 2. First visits Taprapani, Jirang, Khasada and Harbhangi dam then went to Daringbadi.

Kolkata to Daringbadi 3 nights and 4 days tour plan :

Date – 29/03/2018-01/04/2018
Tour Members : 6
Daringbadi Tour :
Day 1 : Night : Train (Howrah to Beherampur)
Day 2: Beherampur to Daringbadi via Taptapani sightscene.
Day 3: Daringbadi sightscene.
Day 4: Daringbadi to Beherampur. Afternoon : Train (Beherampur to Howrah)

Some more info :
Hotel Information : Hotel Utopia
Address: Address: Main Road, Daringbadi, Odisha 762104
Phone: 094377 81972
I love the food quality..Room is very clean and good.
Notes :- Try to book the hotel at least 6 months before the trip.

Daringbadi Tour Map


Things to do in Daringbadi :
Daringbadi is full of scenic beauty. From picnic to tribal village visiting, from hiking to bike riding, we will arrange several activities for you.

You can also visit our full album : Click here.

Now its Your turn, what is your travel experiences on this place?

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