Golden Temple is the place you should visit before you Die

Golden Temple is the place you should visit before you Die

I had a wish in my life that at least once we will see Golden Temple, Amritsar.
We read in history that Golden temple is a temple made of gold. Golden temple needs no review.


It’s simple an amazing experience of my life. Golden Temple is the place you should visit before you Die.


Truly seeing at first time we were amused.It was crowded from the very first time. I just cannot describe the feeling of fulfillment one gets within with the visit of Golden Temple.



This is the place where I would like to again and again because you get a feel of innermost tranquility. If someone want some peace and want to stay away for some time from heavy traffic and pollution and noise go there and feel.



“Golden Temple Histroy”

According to the Sikh historical records, the land that became Amritsar and houses the Harimandar Sahib was chosen by Guru Amar Das – the third Guru of the Sikh tradition. It was then called Guru Da Chakk, after he had asked his disciple Ram Das to find land to start a new town with a man-made pool as its central point. After Ram Das succeeded Guru Amar Das in 1574, and given the hostile opposition he faced from the sons of Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das founded the town that came to be known as “Ramdaspur”. He started by completing the pool with the help of Baba Buddha (not to be confused with the Buddha of Buddhism). Guru Ram Das built his new official centre and home next to it. He invited merchants and artisans from other parts of India to settle into the new town with him.

Ramdaspur town expanded during the time of Guru Arjan financed by donations and constructed by voluntary work. The town grew to become the city of Amritsar, and the area grew into the temple complex). The construction activity between 1574 and 1604 is described in Mahima Prakash Vartak, a semi-historical Sikh hagiography text likely composed in 1741, and the earliest known document dealing with the lives of all the ten Gurus. Guru Arjan installed the scripture of Sikhism inside the new temple in 1604. Continuing the efforts of Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan established Amritsar as a primary Sikh pilgrimage destination. He wrote a voluminous amount of Sikh scripture including the popular Sukhmani Sahib.

The silence, cold wind and soft voice Gurbani, sitting near by the water, seeing golden temple and the fishes in that water.

The love and belief of the Sikhs for Waheguru ji has made them devote themselves to the almighty. The temple has four big doors as entrances for people to enter and later I came to know that it symbolises openness for all the religions. The best part about this place is that they serve food (langar) to thousands of people everyday treating each and every one equally. There is a pond where people take bath with a belief that all their sorrows would be washed away which is said to be Dukhbhanjan.

It’s a huge place. The location of the temple in in in water.there is a side to enter in the temple.Many fishes are there in the water. The environment is very pleasant.


To visit the temple we stand in a line.Is time thought may be it would take 2 hours.But within 45 minutes we could visit the temple.The control system is very nice there.
It never seemed that for that long time we were standing in a line.visitors were moving forward phase by phase in the line.


The holy walk to the alter where you will find the ultimate redemption for your soul. Because here all your sins are forgiven before you the eyes of the Holy Father and the Protector of your soul.


Per phase there were fan. Absolutely a beautiful temple it is.The temple is 100 meter from Jaliwana Bhag.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

– –Susan Sontag


Golden Temple represent faith, history, belief and devotion of crores of Indians and world citizens. it’s wonderful to see discipline and deep sense of responsibility among visitors and devotees to keep this Heritage clean & ever shining.
The peace, tranquility and the religious purity of this temple is easily the best experience of my life.


Some More info :-
Cover your head must for men and women both. Temple feeds a vegetarian meal to over 100,000 people each day. And most important, which is really amazing to see how they cook so large amount of food for people and how they serve it. Food is very tasty and free of cost.

Kolkata to Himachal pradesh 9 nights and 10 days tour plan:

Date – 05/10/2010-14/10/2010
Tour Members : 8
Tour plan :
Day 1 : Howrah to Pathankot by train Jammu Tawi .
Day 2 : In train.
Day 3 : Reached Pathankot. Pathankot to Dalhouse by car..
Day 4 : Dalhouse sightscene . Kalatop, Khajiyara, Chamba, Night stay in Dalhouse..
Day 5 : Dalhouse to Dharamsala, Sightscene : Tilokpur..
Day 6 : Dharamsala Sightscene : Joyalamukhi, Chintapunni, Brojeswari.
Day 7 : Dharamsala Sightscene : Chamunda Mandir, Narbulinka Monestry, HPCA stadium..
Day 8 : Dharamsala to Amritsar Via Panchpulla. Amritsar : Jaliwanabagh and Golden Temple. Train : Amritsar to Howrah.
Day 9 : In Train.
Day10 : Reached Howrah.
Hotels Information :
Dalhouse : Hotel citilight ( Address: The Mall, Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh 176304.. Phone: 083770 04514
Dhramsala : Hotel Aman Deep
Address: McLeodganj Rd, Loharkadi Upper Sudher, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176216
Phone: 0189 222 6394.

Golden temple tour guide


Now its Your turn, what is your travel experiences on this place?

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